Tanya has sung in small concerts since she was a young girl. She was always first to open her mouth to let out a melody and was quite happy to have people listen. Growing up she was influenced by Artists and Bands of the 60’s and 70’s like The Beatles, The Eagles, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison to name a few. She has a very wide taste and enjoys all types of music.

She began her professional singing career when she joined up with local South African artist Garth Taylor. They formed a group called Comfort Zone in 1999 and realised many achievements. They were once the opening act to Top SA Band ‘Just Jinger’ and have rocked many a pub as well as casinos such as Caesars Palace . In late 2000 Tanya joined up with a cabaret show called ‘The Golden Years’ headed by Howard Brown . There she did a full dance set and kept many a place buzzing.

In November 2001, Tanya decided to pursue a solo career in music. Her repertoire includes artists from Cat Stevens to Guns & Roses and boasts a variety of both old and new songs, catering for all age groups. She is able to work with a crowd and is known for her crowd participation. She has since then performed in and around South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland .

In December 2005, she rejoined Garth Taylor to form the band Revolution. The duo was more vibrant than ever before. Tanya and Garth enjoy the duo while still performing their own solo gigs. Garth pursued his talent further and Tanya started her own business while keeping the solo act.

At the end of 2007, Tanya took a break from the gig scene to continue furthering her business.

She is still jamming with various musicians and still following her passion.