...I was away

I had such a great weekend in Dullies but I was an accident waiting to happen.

I was due to leave on Thu at 13h00. The morning already started with my ankle and knee flaring up from a previous fall so I was a little bit eina but nothing was gonna stop me from riding. I had to wait for Core Apparal to finish making my pants so decided to head out to visit MadArtist. As I rode into her yard, one of the Doberman’s bit me and ripped my jeans. Little bit eina but very glad I did not have my new pants on yet. Over the weekend, I got told I was so small I got mistaken for a dog biscuit. Hence I have a new handle to go with the stunning bite on my thigh

My first stop was Petraport. Had a few ciggies and a recycle break there. As I rode off, I felt the new pants not sitting so comfy of me. So I stopped before the exit out of the garage. Not looking down in time, my foot slipped on petrol and I did not have enough movement to get my foot back down in time. Kerplonk, dropped my baby. I had her halfway lifted and 2 okes came to give me a hand. I checked the bike but sort of as a once over. They kept worrying about me but I was fine. So I hopped back on Feather and rode off again. Something was not feeling kosher so I stopped 40km later at the Ultra City. Got off and checked her again. The indicator had bent up against the tyre wall and grated my new back tyre

Seemed ok, so I bent the indicator back as far as I could and headed off again. ZXMax met me in Belfast, and we rode to Dullies. What an amazing place. I started to relax.


My leg started hurting a bit and when we checked it later, the little bite had swollen and was going a gorgeous blue.

Next morning, I was forced (forced I tell you) to go for a tetanus shot. I had a very restful Friday while we waited for the others to join us. Friday night was dinner, couple of dops and bed.

Saturday morning….yay. Shoulder playing up a bit now but all good. First pass, Robbers. I shat myself!!!!! I remembered what I had been taught but my word, I was nervous. I got to fully understand the line that Road Skills Training taught us. A couple of corners got tight and I still had room to move into the corner when I was worried. When we came out of Robbers and into Pilgrims, the road started playing havoc with my shoulder (I had obviously tensed too much). So I was now really hurting by the time we got to Harry’s pancakes. One transact patch later and off on the Blyde River road. Lekker sweeps but still, a slow bike. But I enjoyed it. Then on to the 22. YES, still love that road a whole bunch a lot. Then Long Tom. This was the first time I was doing Long Tom since the training (had done it once on the way to the training). It was nowhere near as bad as I thought. I really really enjoyed it. So when we finally hooked up again with the group, I had a huge grin on my face.

Saturday night was awesome. We had a braai and drank a wee bit too much. Started with catching the rugby. Much to Q-Balls moaning and groaning, he only got a couple of strafdops. I knew the Bulls were gonna win so we fed him a jaggies for every point difference. Near the end of the night, some people were struggling with their balance and some were still ok. Nursed a few bottles to empty and finally passed out.

Sunday morning was rough I tell you
Loaded 4 bikes onto the bakkie and trailer and headed home.

Monday got me so bad, that I was ready to pack and go back.