In this day and age, I notice that every Tom, Dick and Mary has a blog.  So I thought "What the hell, let me share some of my useless thoughts" Laughing

As you may or may not know, I recently brought 2 new additions into the family, commonly known as "The Terrible Twosome".  2 Boerboel X Ridgeback pups.  Oh my, how they have kept me busy.  Here are the pics of them when I got them (Click Here).

Now Spring is in the air, the pollen is flying around and lodging themselves into everyones nostrils, and a general upliftment of spirit (in between sneezes) can be felt wherever I go

Although we have had no rain as yet, the sprouts of Spring are determined to make their debut into this world.


The flowers are radiating their proud colours.


And the "Terrible Twosome" are growing at a rate of knots Wink

I am out to enjoy the sunshine.