Wow.  Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!

Where has the time gone?


Everything seems to be passing me while I’m standing still.

Well, arse in the saddle and we carry on.  So much has happened this year already.  January saw my Mom in hospital with a little 'fright' with her heart.  Im am happy to report, she is out and fighting fit again.

And that was January, come and gone lol

At the end of Jan, I stepped away completely from volunteer work for a Section 21 Company.  There was enough backstabbing and accusations to last me a lifetime thanks confused

I have learnt.  And so to them, I say:
Whatever it is, I didn't do it.  Unless I was supposed to do it, in which case I did it farkin' brilliantly!

So now I feel my roots calling me again.  Listening to great bands, getting the vocals in shape and all the passion that goes along with it biggrin

Last Saturday, I went to watch some friends play their debut gig.  And what a gig it was!!
Warren, Jonathan and Anton make up the band "X Roman" (Ten Roman).  I felt like a giddy frikkin' groupie watching them.  Anton and Johnny on acoustic and Warren on base.  Om nom nom.

Thanks guys.  You made my weekend.  Keep up the amazing tunes!!

Here are a few pics (sorry about the kak quality) and a small vid.  If you get the gap, go and see them!!!!

PS - If Anton never reads this, can someone tell him I have a huge crush on his guitar and he had better keep that blue baby safe from my hands badgrin


XRoman 01

XRoman 02

XRoman 03

XRoman 04

XRoman 05

XRoman 06

XRoman 07

XRoman 08

XRoman 09

Small Video (right click on Vid to play):